I’m a former NY based artist now living and working in SW Florida. My passion for the watercolor medium started with the first time I opened up a tube of Windsor Newton water color paints. I’m a self-taught artist who grew up in a family of painters and creatives.  Music was and still is, a huge part of my life. I started painting with watercolors in 1986 with a focus on portraits of musicians. This became the Musician Series I. My first complete watercolor was of Miles Davis.

In 2012 Super Storm Sandy found its way to destroying 1/2 of my works and I did not pick up a brush again until 2016.  While it was devastating it taught me the lessons of impermanency and letting go.  

My journey has taken me to my more recent paintings, inspired by my spiritual travels and practices through Kabbalah, deep meditation, Eastern spirituality and some just good 'ol inspired living. My paintings are almost predominantly inspired by the physical world reflecting the inner world and vice versa and all of the shades and layers in between.  Many of my paintings have come from visions while meditating. The Kabbalah Series has come directly out if this experience.  My creative process and how it manifests is now intrinsically connected to the spiritual process…there is no difference….it’s all one.


Each one of these tubes contains glorious, earthly pigment in an inert and not yet fully manifested state.  A simple squeeze sets an explosive burst of energy in motion, forever changing was and is. Forever engaged in and part of a chain of consciousness elevating events that ripple ad infinitum.  And this is all before the mind blowing alchemy of water and pigment dance together in a reunion of unity.

–M. Ellowitz



 I’m always looking for the muse to work through me and as me to inspire and channel the universe through the alchemy of pigment on paper to share back and maybe even inspire just a little. That alchemy of pigment and water introducing themselves to each has its own consciousness…It wants to do what it wants to do.  The idea is to know when to let it be and when to guide it.  That is the zen of watercolor.

My most current endeavors are into abstract watercolors.  It’s been a long and exciting journey to get to this point and I am excited to explore and share this new path.

I believe if the manifestation of the work evokes something, then I've successfully fulfilled the channeling of the Muse. It then becomes about the observers experience and not the art....as it should be.

Member American Watercolor Society (AWS)
Member Florida Suncoast Watercolor society (FSWS)
Member North Port Arts Center (NAPA)